NetVision: Since 1997 providing
Online Marketing Tools for the Cattle Business

Since its foundation, back in 1997, NetVisionSM has been a major player at the online cattle marketing landscape, offering broad opportunities with web marketing and e-commerce solutions, specifically designed to meet the cattle business needs.

With a primary focus on using traditional marketing techniques  instead of overpriced e-business 'one-size-fits-all' solutions offered by IT companies, NetVisionSM has been able to build successful and results-oriented relationships with top breeders and associations.

Today, our clients regularly use the Internet to sell semen, embryos and bulls using their online web catalogs and stores, doing business internationally.

To be able to meet your needs, we offer the broadest range of services with the best cost-benefit ratio

  • Web catalogs/brochures, using the specific language of the cattle business, our sites are done by experts in the field.

  • E-commerce of semen, bulls and embryos.

  • Traditional Auctions promotion, with our Total Service initiative, where potential buyers can get all the information about the event beforehand, increasing attendance and reducing staff costs by putting all the information on the web, including, whenever possible, table reservations. 

  • Trademark/domain name registrations.

  • Web site promotion on the best places of interest on the Internet to the cattle business.

  • A first class consultancy, provided by people with years of experience on cattle marketing over the web, with a level of service already well-known by American and Brazilian breeders.

All this using the channels the Internet provides (e-mail, video conferencing, voice-over-ip), along with the traditional fax and phone services, to enable the fastest service anywhere.

So, whenever you decide to put all the online marketing techniques to work for your business and results, either on the domestic or international markets, deal with the company that has proven experience both on the Internet and cattle markets: NetVisionSM. We are just a phone call away!

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